Advanced Machine Automation is a machine automation integrator dedicated to providing innovative solutions to your production problems. Current economic conditions dictate the dollar be stretched as far as possible. Many manufactures have been forced out of the country in favor of cheaper labor rates. Remaining companies are struggling to produce their product with higher rates of efficiency in order to compete. Rising workman’s comp and health care cost promise to put additional strain on the bottom line.

Advanced Machine Automation specializes in machine retrofits, machine design/build, electrical redesign, motion control, safety, robots, end effectors and energy conservation systems. We work closely with key personnel responsible for making improvements in these areas. We can provide sub assembly solutions as well as “turn key”. We have a specific group of specialist that deal in machine automation, robotics, PLC’s and variable speed drives. If you have process in you facility that needs improvement automation is the answer. Give us a call and we will dispatch an engineer to inspect your application and provide you with several options to cut cost. Automation is our country’s solution in the world marketplace.


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